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Thanks so much for the advice. We are going to be hopefully having another baby eventually and I really need the room. 2 boys in football, 2 girls in soccer plus all their stuff doesn't fit in out minivan. We are looking at buying a really used one right now to get out of debt and then upgrading to a nicer model in a few years or so when our lives calm down. We are looking at both the Chevy and the Ford in 12 passenger size. We have test driven both and like both...
Postage is so high it makes more sense to buy at a cosigment shop than to ebay for kids stuff lately. I would assume maternity is the same way.
We are currently looking at 12 or 15 pass vans and would love to hear some advice from people who have owned them. We have 4 kids and would like more space plus we have a few other needs that this would fill. So far we have looked at GMC Savanna and a Ford E-something. Please give me the nitty gritty?
I'm new to QF and thought I would say hi. I'm Chrissy and have been married to my Dh for almost 11 years. We have 4 littles ones now. DS11, DD9, DS6, and DD4. My last pregnancy was very and DH had a vasectomy when my lo was 8 weeks old. Our walk with God has really transformed in the last year and we have and changing our lives to be more Christ centered. My husband and I feel very convicted on the Quiverfull issue. We scheduled a Vas-reversal for this coming April and...
I love stilletos but just can't handle them for long periods. I just feel better about myself when I look nice and a great pair of stilletos make me feel nice.
A crib. 4 kids and have not ever used it yet
I'm in North Gwinnett co and my husband once again could fine no gas at all this morning. We waited in line last thursday to fill up at Walmart for 3.94. My mom is in Chattanooga and she said that some stations are out but that she hasn't had much trouble at all. Dh has my van since it has gas and I m at home all week. I hope this lets up sooner rather than later.
DD lost one of hers in December. I am still looking for the darn thing. Hope you find hers soon.
We are trying to decide between these two washers anyone have either. We need a front loader than can handle laundry for 6 plus diaper laundry. I figured no better place to ask than here where other mamas understand the CD wash routine
Jayme from Little Lanes. I still have a few but would love some new ones.
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