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I'd get her on my back in the ergo. Moby's aren't good for back carries.
Also check out the Wearing More than One forum on thebabywearer...they are lots of pics showing how to wear 2 babies.
What carrier are you using? Bjorn type carriers are know for causing lots of back pain (it sure did for me!). How old is your baby? Have you used a woven wrap? Using a propperly fitted baby carrier is actually much better on your body than carring your baby in your arms.
For lots of walking, I'd go with a 2 shouldered carrier. If you can find one, a solarveil SSC would be awesome.
Yes, you can use a moby, but it is often easier to have them in seperate carriers, like 2 pouches/ringslings. www.thebabywearer.com also has a forum on Wearing More than One.
Check out FSOT on thebabywearer for a deal on a used Scootababy.
I do know that you will need at least 2 varitites, so that they can cross pollinate. You also need slightly acidic soil.
I really like the Scootababy for hip carries. Yes, you can get a MT or SSC to work for a hip carry, but the Scootababy is much more comfy (the only downside is that you can only do hip carries with it).
I love chunei's for back carries!
There are also carrier covers that just go over the baby, and not the adult (so it doesn't matter what size you are). Catbird and Monkey Pockets are 2 makers.
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