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yep. It's sure exciting. And wierd. Im still getting around to coming out to people. Telling old school dykes is hard. They jsut dont get it. Its a bummer.
Quote: Originally Posted by tara That first shot is such a milestone! So true! Congrats. My partner just got his 1st one last week. We should start a thread on trans-development. : )
My partner had his first shot of T yesterday. Im so excited!!!
I am a first year SDC teacher. My students are moderate to severely disabled. I't s a hard job and the best job, too. Like people said, there are many different settings to choose from. Also, know that you will be managing more than studnets. I have 3 assistants in my classsroom and none are very experienced. Managinf adults is also part of the job. If you love kids and b elieve that ALL children have value, are deserving of respect and can learn, I say go for it....
My three year olld 's were born on Christmas. It's not been difficult as of yet. However, we are planning to have a half birthday party every June for them and to celebrate with family on Christmas.
Quote: Originally Posted by tara Hey, seedgirl. Welcome! How are you feeling about those big changes? I remember a lot of trepidation before that first shot... thanks. Im excited and nervous for all of us. Its so different to transition after having kids. Much more complicated. I think the thing Im most nervous about is how he will look in a few years.
Quote: Originally Posted by tara A slightly OT aside: Jackson recently heard someone say 'husband' and he didn't know what the word meant. The friend explained and Jackson said, "Oh! You mean partner!". That's hilarious! I've got one: At dinner on the night we decided to tell the kids that 'Mama' *really* would prefer to be called 'Daddy', our eldest (5) got indignant and insisted that 2 moms were way beter than a mom and a dad. I won...
Quote: Originally Posted by yoopervegan The worst one is called "Catundra" which is about an overweight cat that all of the forest animals tease. Gah! I just found that book in my eldest childs room. I'd bought it for her remembering how much I loved it. you're right. it sends such a negative message. it's ok to pick on someone because th ey're bigger than you. yuck.
Our family lives in Oakland. (about 45 minutes away from Petaluma). We have some queer friends who live in your town. 2 kids. What do you think of your new town? My partner grew up in Norristown, PA. Anna
Quote: Originally Posted by Ms. Megan I am a widow with one other son who is 15. I must admit that I love having Suzie around. I always thought it would be nice of have a daughter and Robert likes having a kid sister too. Any help and advice from other mothers in this situation would be greatly appreciated. No advice, but damn! What lucky kids you have. So many parents would consult a shrink to try and "fix" the "problem" You. Rock!
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