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I have a 16 month old and he's had no problems to speak of!
Honestly I didn't really know much about it at all. Even when I knew what circ was, I always assumed it was done for religious reasons only. Maybe that comes from growing up in a European family. During my teen years and college days I never even once heard a negative story about intactness. DH on the other had learned (I'm not sure where) that circ had to be done for cleanliness. He actually thought that the idea of not circing was a little strange.
Wow, people can be so cruel. I'm so sorry you had to endure ignorant, awful comments like that.
Quote: Originally Posted by mntnmom Children are amazingly resilient. But they shouldn't HAVE to be brave for a COSMETIC procedure. My heart goes out to moms and dads whose "little troopers" have been through horrible medical procedures. But I can summon very little sympathy at all for parents who voluntarily offer their child up for torture. : It amazes me how brave kids can be! My mother works for a children's hospital, and some of those kids...
I wouldn't really equate them, since ear piercing is not on the genitals and doesn't generally have the irreversible effects that circ does. However, I personally would not pierce a baby girl's ears, just because it is still a cosmetic procedure and she is not old enough to consent to it herself. My parents waited until I was old enough to decide for myself to get my ears pierced, and we talked about what would happen and what I would have to do to take care of my ears...
Thankfully we didn't have any pressure from the OB or pediatrician. The OB asked me the day after delivery if I wanted to circ, I said no, and he said nothing more about it. It makes me sad that so many doctors try to pressure people into it.
I love how they talk about the mounting evidence that circ has medical benefits, and then use the ancient claim that it reduces the incidence of UTIs from 1/100 to 1/1000. and that doctor's comments about parents who leave their sons intact - WOW. Talk about insulting. I'm so glad I don't get this magazine or recommend it to my friends, and this article confirms that I never will.
I can relate to what you are feeling. Sometimes it hurts my heart so much when I run in mainstream circles (or chat boards) and hear the ignorant comments that people spew about the "benefits" of circ or why it is not so bad. There are times when I feel that people are just convinced and that there is no talking them out of their beliefs. However, to me it isn't worth giving up because I know that in telling the inactivist side of the story, I may get someone who is...
I have btdt, including losing sleep.
I have tossed around similar thoughts myself. If there is some foreskin left, wouldn't it have at least some of the "dangers" of having a completely intact foreskin, I wonder? If anything, maybe they are justifying it like bandgeek suggests - that they will grow into the remaining skin and when they are older, it will look and feel a lot more like the expected circ'ed penis. Maybe?
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