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I know a mom of a little boy who had the exact same situation. He was BF wonderfully until they came to get him for his circ. Afterwards, he wouldn't latch anymore, and she switched to EP for a while, then formula. *Sigh*
That was just a sad, sad post to read. Horrible. I can't believe she made the comment about wishing he could have been circ'ed in a soundproof room. If you're going to go through with the useless operation, can't you at least be there for your son and face the pain that he is going through?! : And his future wife will thank her for circ'ing him? Suuuuuuuuuuuure.
:Puke at the doctor's comment. Father-son bonding is going fishing together, playing a board game, or driving somewhere or something, not genital mutilation. Sheesh.
My son had that when he was about 5 days old, and I freaked out, having no idea what it was! It was kind of salmon colored and in the very front of his diaper. I had told everyone not to retract him, and was worried maybe somebody had. The doctor told me it was uric acid crystals, nothing to be overly concerned with.
I have been through that with a couple of friends. One in particular disappointed me because she is such a gentle person and made so many very well-reasoned, educated, thoughtful decisions about her DS's care, but dropped the ball on circ. In spite of all the information I gave her about circ and about how super easy intact care is, she she got it done mainly because her DH wanted it. I think many of us have been there with friends or family!
My DS (now 13 months old) rarely gets an erection or pees during diaper changes. I was kind of expecting to see more of it after hearing all the stereotypes about baby boys, but I guess not!
I'm so sorry you are going through this! We didn't have this problem with circ, but my DH still values his parents' opinions about certain things a little too much and has been known to talk to them about some of our personal business in the past (imagine my horror when MIL approached me during our engagement to discuss our choice of family planning methods! : ) I had to sit down with DH and we had to set some very clear boundaries about what we discussed with his/our...
Congrats on your pregnancy! I was very set on leaving DS intact, but the whole thought of doctors and health care personnel forcibly retracting him scared me so much, especially after I read some of the horror stories on here. Yes, unfortunately, you do always have to be on guard - I had a near miss recently with my supposedly foreskin-friendly pediatrician : - but it's just one of those things I accept that I have to do to protect my son. 100% worth it,...
That seems like pretty messed up reasoning to me. I don't see how the tests (I'm assuming something like a VCUG and whatnot?) would be any "worse" than having the kid circumcised. He could still undergo the tests and come out of the other side with an intact foreskin. To me it sounds like she just wanted him cut, whether or not he would have a urinary tract issue, and she's just using this reason as a way to rationalize it. I don't get it when people say "circumcising...
You are definitely not alone! I was born here, but my family is European and all of them are of the mindset "why would anyone do that to a little boy?!" I never drank the pro-circ punch. When I read about their arguments during my pregnancy, I just plain old didn't get it. I feel horrible knowing that a lot of people would think my relatives or DS is "disgusting" but it still doesn't at all change my confidence in the decision I made for DS and any future DSs I may have.
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