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Pumpkin_Pie - how wonderful! My little boy is just learning how to sit up on his own. He's still a bit shaky and can't stay up for long, but wow, he is growing up so fast!!
Hi Shannon! Very nice to meet you!
Hi and welcome from another new member! I also have a baby boy - five months old so just a bit older than your little one. Nice to meet you!
1. Did anyone come ask if you wanted to circ after you'd said "NO" in the birth plan or other paperwork? Did anyone try to coerce you to change your mind? Yes - the OB came in with the consent form and asked me if I wanted to have DS circumcised. I said "no thanks." He left. I didn't hear anything else about it until a couple of hours before I was discharged. The pedi said to me "you didn't want your son circumcised, did you?" I politely said "no" again, and she...
Me too! There is something disturbing about the show, but I can't take my eyes off of it. And Hugh Laurie...mmm...hmmm...yeah.
I would have done the same thing. I'm sure one day it will be a fun story for her to tell when people ask her what her first concert was.
In most of the baby books I have read, it states that "losing the TT reflex" is one of the milestones a baby should reach to be ready to eat solids. That indicates to me that it probably is not something you actually teach a baby. So, I agree with you too.
I have an AngelCare monitor and I like it. My son does sleep in the same bedroom as me (in his crib) but since I tend to be a bit of a worrier, I felt like I was constantly wanting to get up and check on his breathing. The monitor, although it obviously does not prevent SIDS, gave me an extra little bit of peace of mind. It also been a useful tool for his naptimes, especially when his dad or grandparents are watching him. When he's older and SIDS isn't as big of a...
Hi March moms, would it be OK if I joined you? I am new to MDC. My baby boy Timothy, my first child, was born on March 3 of this year. My husband and I are just amazed by him and so excited to be parents!
Hi, new to this board and jumping in... Wow, this is shocking to see such a monstrous item for sale on Target's website. I had always been impressed by the number of breastfeeding products Target has sold (I even saw slings in my local Target the other week and that pleasantly surprised me...) but this is just surprising and horrible! Bottle feeding a baby isn't hard, and even if it is a two-handed job, so what? Isn't it a nice time for a father or grandparent or...
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