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I just don't ask. If they circ'ed, I really don't want to know, and often I end up finding out anyway One friend had some pictures of her baby boy in his bassinet at the hospital, and the circ care brochure was right by his head. Another joked about her son's circ on her blog. (Tasteless...sigh...) If they didn't (which hasn't happened yet, but maybe one day) I would think they'd say something, especially if I was involved in helping them learn about it.
I hope that man is in jail forever. That is just disgusting. And the article's final paragraph makes me want to
That's horrible! During my prenatal care, it was discussed in a "check box" kind of form - at the time we didn't put anything because that was when I still didn't know anything about it and was undecided - but when it came to the actual hospital, it would have been an actual consent form.
The edition of the Baby Book I have does state that circumcision is painful and unnecessary (in the Q&A section, where one question is "does it hurt?" and other questions ask about medical benefits to it). But he does go on to say that he has performed a lot of circs, and how he used local anesthetic when he did it. I can't remember if that line about painless circ being a birthright in there. I remember feeling surprised that after the first part of the section, which...
Quote: Originally Posted by layla983 My MIL asked this in the first 5 minutes she saw DS when he was born. She thought they did it right after birth in the room like that did when she had DH 25 years ago, so she was suprised when she asked about it & we said we didn't do it. What made matters worse? She brought what she called "the circ care kit." She sat out in the waiting room with a package of gauze & vaseline, & proudly presented these things to...
I agree with you.
I got something like that when DS was born. It didn't come in the mail, but was with the packet of stuff we got leaving the hospital. It was a greeting card from the governor and came with an immunization reminder and schedule I could fill in.
Fabulous :
Blech. Now, they say that the findings on HIV in women might be purely related to chance. Interesting that they didn't say the same thing in Africa...hmmmm. Makes me wonder what their priorities are? Wait, never mind, I already know.
I'm so happy for you!
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