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I am due on February 15 but today at the OB I was 3 cm so the doctor told me that if I don't go into labor before then, that she can induce me on Tuesday the 11th.  
My due date is February 15 and this is my second child.  
We finally got a due date today and I am a lot further along than I thought!  I am due February 15 and I am 29.  Baby is my second and looking good.  It waved at us during the ultrasound.  SO happy. 
Congratulations.  Just breathe.  I have my sonogram this Wednesday and I am holding my breath.  With my first I wanted twins, now, not so much.  
The cat's out of the bag here.  We told close family and my managers at work really soon, but today was the day I just couldn't stand wearing non-maternity clothes anymore so it's pretty obvious now that I'm expecting.  It's my second, and I waited a tremendously long time to tell at work (the same place) with my first, so I am definately milking any special treatment I can get for as long as I can get it.  Eating grapes in front of my supervisor is so much easier while...
Having a boy already, I would love to have another boy.  I am so much more nauseous this time around which makes us think it is a girl.  Whenever someone asks what I'd rather have, a boy or a girl, I say, "A Baby!" because really, either way, we'll feel very very happy.  
We are definitely finding out if the baby is a girl or a boy.  We did with our first too, and subsequently we were able to get boy stuff for him and everything was ready in his room before he was born.  I know if we find out we are having a girl I am going to go crazy shopping for everything pink, but I am trying my best to stay out of the stores since we still have everything from DS3. 
I feel nauseated most of the time.  
I just got my positive home pregnancy test results this morning so I think I will be due in March.  Looking forward to getting to the OB and getting an expected Due Date.  So excited since DH and I are 29 and DS is almost 4 already.  Nervous for having just found out, but super excited to be joining the club!
Just checking in to see how things are going for you!
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