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Check out this awesome blog post about Unjobbing: http://theorganicsister.com/2010/10/...-what-it-isnt/
Uh, I just saw this: Quote: so we can't really handle any more fish-cake type things. Feel free to dismiss the recipe I just posted.
Salmon cakes w/ Homemade Tartar Sauce This is pretty much the same as our recipe....except replace the vegetable oil with a healthier oil (coconut oil makes them taste amazing). http://www.cooks.com/rec/view/0,1926...243194,00.html Tartar sauce is simple. Mayonnaise Chopped Pickles Dill spice Lemon juice Sea Salt Pepper (optional, but delicious) Mix together. I have no measurements for the tartar sauce recipe. I just go by taste. Enjoy!
I hang out on that site from time to time. Some of the games are cool and so are the different styles of clothing. I tend to avoid the forums as they are really lame. Definitely not a safe site for younger kids. Barely okay for teenagers. Honestly, my 17 yr old sister is on there all the time and I sometimes feel uncomfortable with her being there. But whatevs.
I have two boys - 3 yrs old and 8 months old. Both are intact. They are healthy as can be and always have been. There have never been any problems whatsoever. Only many instances of the foreskin being a protective barrier - guarding from bites, dirt, feces, etc. So, no negatives ever. Only positives. Also, we've never done anything special to clean. Just a soak (bath) in soapy water is all. Nothing more.
Welcome to the board! Your little guy is adorable. Congratulations to you and his mother.
I usually have sort of a punk rocker/skater/hippie type look going on. It varies between those 3.
Perhaps the problem here is insecurity. Maybe the transition from traveling and then returning home has left him feeling vulnerable? Plus, he has a younger sibling. If he is already dealing with insecurity a younger sib would probably add to it. Just be there for him as much as you can and actively reassure him with hugs, etc. If he senses your resistance that is likely to perpetuate the insecure feelings. I know it can be difficult to manage with a child who wants to be...
Quote: Originally Posted by Plummeting I think you're misunderstanding about the dairy. You need to STOP eating it, not cut back. It takes 3 weeks or so for all the dairy to get out of your system and out of your milk. You need to eliminate not only milk, cheese, butter, cream, etc., but all baked goods that include dairy, processed foods that include dairy, etc. THEN if you wait the 3 weeks and notice some improvement, you can try adding a tiny bit back...
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