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Quote: Originally Posted by FaithfulOne (well, in my experience its a lifelong phase that lasts right through adulthood )
Are Catholic hospitals big on circing? Would they have been in the year 1980?
No problems here. In fact, it (the foreskin) has served as a protective barrier in many instances from stuff like mosquito bites, hives, dirt, rashes, etc
Welcome, welcome, welcome. I just returned from a week-long visit to Dallas. I grew up there and sometimes miss the atmosphere. Enjoy the forums!
Quote: Originally Posted by myjo I have a question that hasn't been asked yet, how many here are into the kind of music that nobody else around them listens to? I'm always listening to something new and different, so I find it very difficult to have a good musical conversation with someone. I could really care less about the latest country pop group or R&B singer. I like music with complexity and depth from many different genres, and there are so few...
geez louise. so complicated.
Quote: Originally Posted by expecting-joy Do people just generally seem empty to gyou? yes. it is rare to find someone who actually wants to have a quality conversation. most just seem content to quietly zone out in front of the tube...even if the point of the get-together was to visit with each other.
Ok, thanks.
Right now I am carrying my husband's last name. I want to change it to be my old last name - his last name. Do I have to go through the SS administration to do this? That doesn't quite make sense to me. Is there some other way to do what I am wanting to do?
Too bad this isn't the "thread killer" thread. I'd be a winner! : D
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