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Yep. A leftey and a rightey.    
  I recently bought a huge ziploc bag of embroidery thread from a yard sale. Unfortunately it smelled strongly of fabric softener. So I took a small sized ziploc type bag and poked several holes in it with an ice pick type tool (a fork would also do it just fine) and then I filled it with baking soda and added drops of lavender oil to the baking soda. I put this bag of baking soda inside the ziploc bag of embroidery thread, sealed it up and left it for a few weeks....
I too get a great feeling from line drying. After using an electric/gas dryer for my entire life it is so liberating to do it this economical and natural way. Getting outdoors and breathing in the fresh air and soaking up the sun as I hang up the clothes. And then going about my day (or hour as it usually doesn't take long) as those same elements dry the clothes. Perfect harmony.   For tips and tricks, check out this article:...
I've read that arm and hammer's Super Washing Soda and soda ash are the same thing. But I've been looking around the internet and it seems soda ash might be more harmful than A&H's Super Washing Soda. Is this the case? I've been using washing soda for making homemade detergent and heard that soda ash at the farmer's co-op is the same thing.
Still looking for a secondhand Learning Tower.
What info do you need, justmama?
I have 14 Bum Genius 2.0 diapers. The elastic is worn in pretty much all of them. 3 of them are in the middle of repair as there was an attempt being made to replace the elastic with new, but I am not going to finish.   I used these even with the worn elastic and they worked okay, but there were leaks sometimes.   One of the velcro tabs on one of the diapers is coming apart. Other than that and the elastic these diapers are in fine shape. I'll also include the...
Welcome to you both!
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