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My 3 yr old uses these:   http://www.stubbypencilstudio.com/product/CROC_CRAYONROCKS16/Crayon-Rocks-16-Colors/   According to the website:   "The pebble shape crayons are easy to hold and encourage the use of tripod grip to develop fine motor skills. They are specially shaped to allow small fingers to color in large, wide strokes, promoting confidence in creating art. Used by occupational therapists and teachers to develop skills that promote handwriting...
My 3 yr old seems to have lost his ability to entertain himself and keep somewhat of an attention span. He's not interested in his toys. He flooded a good portion of the house a week ago. Last night he threw his...crap....all over the bathroom. It has been becoming more and more apparent to me that he is just totally bored. He's not even interested in playing outside anymore. He will sit at the table and color, draw, etc, but that doesn't hold his attention for more than...
Great music scene in Urbana/Champaign
No pasteurization needed. Just warm, raw milky goodness.
This strikes me as slightly amusing. This same kid that wanted to see one of the Saw movies (of all things) thinks that Jaws is too bloody. But Jaws like a disney movie compared to the Saw movies!   Good for him for speaking up and not watching something that makes him uncomfortable. That's awesome.
That's so encouraging. It must be really liberating. Thanks for sharing : )
Oh, and of course, this: http://www.everything-goat-milk.com/goat-milk-vs-cow-milk.html
Here it is: http://www.everything-goat-milk.com/vitamins-in-milk.html   Fascinating
Bake it, slice it open, remove seeds, pour in olive oil, add salt, spices and parmesan cheese. Delicious!
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