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Has Bulk Herb Company changed their name to Bulk Herb Store? I cannot find any trace of the 'company' name on the internet any longer.
http://www.etsy.com/listing/61223348/pure-beeswax-2lbs-free-shipping   Good prices for beeswax.
Any progress?
Good luck with the move!
Northwest Arkansas is the best part of AR, in my opinion. Very progressive with lots of natural-minded choices.
PMing you
Pink is just a color. I see nothing wrong with a boy wearing, pink, purple, pastels, any color. If my boys like it then that is what matters. Society has really screwed up most people's perceptions and convinced everyone that certain colors belong to a particular gender. I couldn't disagree more.   This is one of those "rant" subjects for me and I could go on and on. But I will stick to the topic at hand ;)
I am looking for some non-toxic, "eco-friendly" craft paints. I am wanting to paint some wooden people. I've tried to find some paint on the internet, but it is either very expensive (I am just looking for small jars of paint in different colors, not trying to paint a house) or just very confusing. So, a question to those who use non-toxic paints in their crafts....what are you using? Any suggestions?
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