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I don't think that Seven Stars Farm yogurt does homogenization. Plus, it's low temp pasteurized. http://www.sevenstarsfarm.com/
I made some yogurt last night using pastuerized whole milk yogurt as the starter. It came out as runny as the milk that I poured in 6 hours earlier. Did I do anything wrong or does it take several batches for it to become thicker?   I will say for clarity and to save time: I know this is not going to be as thick as store-bought yogurt. However, I don't believe it should be as watery as milk. I expected a consistency more like that of homemade kefir.   Here's the...
Thanks for sharing!
Still nothing : /  I think I will try calling again. Hopefully someone will answer.
Ok, good to know
I bought a new ring back in October and I have recently noticed that the skin around my lip piercing is now a greyish color. What does this mean? Low-quality jewelry?
I don't know. I'd rather have the mag. This sounds promising : )
I ordered a subscription back in November and haven't heard a word from them. Even when I sent an email to let them know which address to send it to I didn't hear anything back. I called the number listed on their site today and it just goes to an answering machine that doesn't mention anything about Compleat Mothering. Does anyone know what the story is?
I had no ideal that Bulk Herb Company was owned by the Pearls : \  Disturbing
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