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Quote: Originally Posted by Sanveann back in her day, doctor = God. If your doctor said something, that was gospel truth! People are still that way.
Here's a list I made recently so we could stock up on food instead of always running low. Wish we'd done this back when I first started BFing as it would've made life much easier. Yeesh. Not all of these are meals. Some of it is just stuff that will keep well enough to be stashed so that it can then be used in food at a later time or had as a snack Freezer: Homemade pizza (make it, freeze it) Breaded chicken (bread the chicken breasts, freeze them) Green peppers Green...
Here is a symbol that is 483x480. And it will grow to 1052x1046 if you click on it - http://www.breastfeedingsymbol.org/w...bficon-med.jpg
1 teaspoon seems alright.
The Breastfeeding Mother's Guide to Making More Milk - Diana West and Lisa Marasco
Quote: Originally Posted by Livviesmom0207 OW: "I'm just making conversation" Nice save
Quote: Originally Posted by brymommy I think she means that dd2 was less dehydrated because she was BF After reading your interpretation I went back and reread that same post again... ...yes, of course...duh
Any updates?
Quote: Originally Posted by julie128 Cool. I had a nice (if you can call it that!) bf experience at an er once, too. The girls were dehydrated, but dd2 less so than dd1, and the nurse told me that it was because she was still bf. She was 2.5 at the time. I don't understand. According to what you've written the nurse blamed dehydration on the fact that you were still BFing - how is that nice? Am I missing something? OP, that is wonderful...
Thank you all
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