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Well, I know of a naturopath in Fayetteville. Idk if they do teeth. I can  give you the info if you want it. You might try calling different naturopaths in AR just to see if they know of anyone.
I have noticed that CPS varies and some are worlds apart. Not too long ago I read about a particular county's CPS that was very dishonest. They would put their workers up to going to a payphone an anonymously calling in false reports on different people in order for there to be a reason to have their children taken away. This was done because evidently there is money in ripping children from their homes. Adopting them out, I think. Scary.
Thanks for sharing. That was so beautiful.
What Ruthla said
My bet is that will get old fast. How much cabinet space can you spare?
I buy mine from thrift stores. Ones that are soft and absorbent are what I look for. There is usually a decent selection.
Breastfeeding for all, Circumcision for None Birth is Safe, Interference is Risky   ....stuff like that
Thanks, ladies
Hey all,   I think it is a waste of resources (as italiamom mentioned, bluetooth eats up battery life). There are other features I'd rather have for the price. I didn't know it could be turned off. That helps. Marsupialmom, I know cellphones ping towers constantly. I just feel really bombarded with all the technology stuff out there and prefer to be able to cut it off when it gets too much for me and eliminate what I don't need or use. The less there is that I don't...
I am trying to locate one of these. It seems impossible. Does anyone know of a cell phone without GPS and Bluetooth, but still has internet capability?
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