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So it really doesn't taste all that bad?
For now I have the non-flavored, fishy kind. Anyone have an ideal as to what food I can use to mix it in?
How do you take your (liquid form) cod liver oil? Do you mix it in with food? If so, what food is good for mixing the cod liver oil in?
How's it going? Any updates?
On a positive note - that is a beautiful picture of a breastfeeding baby on the blog.
Quote: Originally Posted by forthebest Ooh nasty big tempting boob! What a dilemma, really some people have too much time on their hands. So many bare breasts plastered over everything these days, is a real one in these people's eyeshot such a big deal? A lot of people think we should cover up, nurse in private etc, some women prefer this but it should not be the default for everyone. If John( in the blog) has such a problem with witnessing a woman,...
Quote: At first, my inner "Base Carnal Man" just sounded the alarm: BOOB! BOOB! BOOB! Involuntarily, my eyes zeroed in on that nipple. I stared and stared. Base Carnal Man? No. In non-industrialized countries where breastfeeding is common and seen as natural and normal do the men sit around and think "BOOB! Nipples! ZOMG!"? I think living in a society where men are raised to see breasts as something for sexual pleasure has infiltrated his...
Quote: Originally Posted by MilkTrance Boobies = to sell cars ONLY. :
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