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If anyone figures out how to obtain a DVD or a even download of this please let me know.
I'm watching it right now. Wonderful! Great stuff!
Quote: Originally Posted by aurora_skys its a shame americans cant accept that "feels good" does not equal "makes me want to have sex" :
Sounds like she wants your milk, but isn't able to get any of it. Are you taking anything to help boost your supply?
Oatmeal, fenugreek, blessed thistle and "Mother's Milk" tea are all things that help to boost supply. Also make sure you are drinking plenty of water, eating enough protein and getting enough calories. Stress, lack of food and lack of sleep can affect your supply. Not feeding long enough on each side also affects supply. I know from personal experience that both fenugreek capsules & Mother's Milk tea work great - the Mother's Milk tea especially. Here is info about the...
Here! http://www.breastfeedingsymbol.org/store/ Scroll down to 'patches'.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lizzardbits i live in a metropolitian area of 2.3 million give or take a few thousand and it took me f.o.r.e.v.e.r to find a breastfeeding group And I thought lack of breastfeeders in a town of 80,000 was difficult! It's so great that you were finally able to find a good support group. mb05, I'll check it out. Thank you so much for the offer. Would anyone be interested in having a tribe for breastfeeders who...
Thank you
Quote: Originally Posted by shaywyn Well since a lot of chemicals are systemic, I would assume that yes, you may well consume some chemicals, especially for leafy veggies, like lettuce, kale, collards, etc. In what amount, I'm not sure anyone could know. I am not sure I would trust the statement of spraying early on to be completely, 100% true, either. However, we are not able to eat 100% organic, not enough available in my area, so spraying early at...
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