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Glad to hear you found the problem. Hope the little guy gets to feeling better soon.
Could it be gas? Perhaps you ate something that didn't agree with him (receiving it through your milk).
So, no one knows, eh?
Quote: Originally Posted by Bald_Bull's_Mama I've never seen anyone NIP either. I do it all the time to try to make it seem more normal! Do you have a local LLL group or an AP chapter? Since I've gotten on my local AP groups message boards, I feel a lot more connected and I haven't even made it to any of the meet ups yet. Here is the listing of API groups by state. HTH. Yeah, there's an attachment parenting group in a city about an hour...
Thanks for the encouragement, aprilv. NP, I can imagine that hearing that was discouraging. Not the sort of thing a lonely breastfeeder needs to hear. Looking back now I feel that I probably should've pumped sometimes for my own sanity. It has been rough, but it is easier now, at least (though the loneliness is no less discouraging on certain days). I just always wanted our baby to have the real thing and no substitutes (artificial nipple). I always kept reminding...
Quote: Originally Posted by avivaelona That said, I never truly enjoyed it, I was glad I could feed him and nurture him that way, but I never got that warm glow people talk about, and there was much about it that I also didn't enjoy. The lack of sleep was very hard (we couldn't ever feed lying down, so I needed to sit up for every feeding and that did wake me...I realize that I'd have to do the same with bottles, but the point is that I did miss out on...
Where we live breastfeeding doesn't seem very common. I've never seen anyone NIP around here. I've only known of one other breastfeeder here (seems low for a town of 80,000). I just feel pretty lonely sometimes. My husband has been such a great source of help and support for me about breastfeeding and that has encouraged me and strengthened me a lot during the past 8 1/2 months. But I still experience periods of discouragement where I feel so completely alone as a...
Where we buy our local produce I overheard it being said that they do their spraying early on when the plants are first growing, but after that they do not spray anymore. I am just wondering if that leaves us consuming any of the chemicals. Does anyone have any ideal?
Quote: Originally Posted by granola_mom from soulemama That's such a great site.
This thread is hilarious.
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