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Quote: Originally Posted by bjorker I completely refuse to say or type it. I absolutely detest that word. I totally agree. Ugh.
Quote: Originally Posted by Arduinna I just got done having a cupcake and some ice cream Just one? Why stop there?
No, I think this goes a lot deeper than just being YOUR issue. I don't have much advice except this - start speaking up instead of allowing her to undermine you and your place as his mother. Good luck.
Quote: Originally Posted by veganf I'm very clear about being called "Mama" or by my name. I don't like Mom or Mommy either. Me too on all of the above.
What a wonderful thread!
Good for her!
I have no answers. This all makes me terribly sad. I have a hard time seeing how it is we're so "progressive" when this country can't even give/show support to the ones who are raising the next generations.
Quote: Originally Posted by lovemybubus Good luck with the continued profitablity of your Puritanical mall. I love it!
That's great that the news clip shows her breastfeeding. Seems supportive.
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