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No issues, just curious if anyone does. I'm a nude sleeper (have been for years) ds and dds do, and Ashley sleeps in an unbuttoned nightshirt.
On the 30th Ashley woke up in mild labor. About lunchtime, she moaned,"Hun, fill the tub!" She slid in the water, smiling at its relaxing effects. She pushed, moving to find a comfy position. She soon looked down, and we both smiled when we saw eye brows, "So that's why it hurts so bad!" she groaned. After a few pushes, a 7 lb 8 oz, Nikki was here! While she nursed happily, Ash grunted,"Oh Boy!" I looked down, mildly confused until I realized I was looking at a butt. I...
1.When should I fill the tub,when should Ashley get in? 2. How should we handle nursing during labor?
As many of you know, my son Eric Jr., is a nude sleeper (and nudist in general). So, will he ever want to wear pj's?
and I wrapped my arms around her fledgling belly, and felt rumblings! YEAH!
When you and your SO got married, how did you propose/get proposed to?
It seems like nobody here has anything good to say about them. Michelle is Ashly's idol!
When I go to work, or when we're in bed, I kiss Ashly's belly goodbye/night.
Have nice warm family bed!
His Christening gown will be the first clothing he wears!
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