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I just made Aliyah from NY this past August. I live in Jerusalem with my husband, 3 year old son, and 9 month old daughter. I would love to meet some friends! Is there anyone else out there living in Jerusalem who might want to meet up? Are there any English-speaking playgroups or LLL groups that meet up regularly? Thanks! Sara
Any tips as to how to put my baby and toddler to sleep in the same room? My son is almost 3 yrs old, my daughter is 6 months. She goes to sleep at around 7 pm, but he doesn't go down until 8. How do I put him to sleep without waking her up? He's not exactly a quiet kid. And should I worry about him causing her harm? He's overly affectionate with her and can climb in there...I'd love to hear your experiences and any advice! Thanks!
Our son is 8 months: What does your child around my child's age (7 months) eat? Red lentils, avocado, banana, prunes, apples, yoghurt, chicken soup, spinach, rice, barly, pears What does s/he do with awake time? crawl, climb, explore everything he can How many naps? 2 How long naps? ALWAYS wakes after 30 minutes and needs to be put down for more. Total sleep around 3 hours What bedtime? 6:30pm What waketime? 6:30 am How many wakes through the night, and when...
I was walking down the street on a nice sunny day with my 6 month old when a woman stopped me to tell me that he was squinting. Since then I've been trying to compile a list of all the most annoying comments or advice that moms have heard...Give me your worst! And if you have any nice comebacks, I'd love to hear them too!
APNO is just Dr. Newman's name for it. My pharmacy wanted to charge a crapload to make the compound--only certain pharmacies will even do it. Instead, I had three creams that I just combined on my finger and rubbed together to combat thrush after each feeding: Nystatin, Lamisil, and Betamethasone. In the end, I found that a vinegar spray (1/2 vinegar and 1/2 water did the same thing!
Yes, this is a milk blister. I used to get them all the time along with plugged ducts. I started taking Lecithin supplements (1200 mg 3x/day) and I haven't had one since! I also used to take baths and soak the breast and massage like crazy with oils. I would just keep massaging and squeezing until the milk would pop the blister and it would all come out! You can also sterilize a needle and burst it yourself! I never got that to work for me though.
Yeah yeah yeah! This is almost for sure vasospasm or Reynaud's Syndrom (is that how you spell it?) It has very similar symptoms to thrush and is often misdiagnosed as thrush. But the typical white-purple nipple thing is Reynaud's/vasospasm. Look it up on breastfeedingonline.com Good luck!
So after 6 months of fighting thrush with every medication and supplement and procedure in the book, it still kept coming back. FINALLY it's gone : after doing the following: Mothers Milk Tea 3x/day Borax Homeopathic tablets Spraying a mix of 1/2 water and 1/2 white vinegar on nipples after every feeding. I can't believe that it was this simple all along. I hope that this might also work for anyone else suffering. Oh it's a miserable thing!!
Bozo Chipmunk pitzpon bon-bon drool-pool
We live in a large apartment with washers that don't get hot enough to kill the yeast in our diapers. I tried hand-washing our FB with near-boiling water and vinegar, but it seems like the plastic layer has already disintegrated a bit after only one wash! Was it the vinegar? Should I just boil them? Should I use bleach? I don't mind hand-washing, I just don't want to mess it all up!
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