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Full Circle UUCA Presents... Red Tent Weekend November 11 & 12, 2011 Join us for a two-day seminar of sisterhood exploring the "Women's Mysteries": female power, menstruation, motherhood, beauty and the feminine divine. Sessions Include: Archetypes: Saints, Goddesses and Wise Women; The Blood Mysteries: Menstruation, Motherhood, Menopause; Snacks and Shopping : Product Fair; The Divine Mysteries: Sexuality, Sensuality & the Scarlet Priestess. We are excited to...
I love, love, love Dr. Avalone in Arnold. He specializes in children. I've had both my kids (twins) in to see him. He is great with them and he helps me entertaining the kids while I load them into the stroller or bucket seat. Good luck!
Hello all, I am looking for a new family doctor or internist for myself in the Annapolis or Severna Park area. I would prefer a female that would be willing to work with both my naturopath and other medical specialists as a team (I have complex medical issues). Can anyone recommend a doctor? Thanks!
I've used Cape Drug in the past and really liked them. They compounded a drug for my DD. The pharmacist (Dr. Tom, I think) was very nice and helpful. He was willing to answer all of my questions. They were recommended to me by our ped. I've been looking for a good naturopath; would you recommend your? Thanks!
We worked with Dr. Osheroff with Shady Grove's COlumbia office. He was great! I was told there was no way I would get pregnant by my gyn, so we went for a consult with little hope. I was pregnant after one IVF cycle and gave birth to healthy twins last summer!
I had a c-section with Dr. Hays of Annapolis OB-GYN and, while it wasn't what I wanted, it went fairly well. I had twins and baby a was breech and baby b was really high and transverse. Baby a refused to turn and I wasn't comfortable with a breech delivery with twins. She narrated the surgery while I watched in a mirror. She used dissolvable stitches. I saw many of the doctors and, really, the type of delivery that you will have is largely dependent on which doctor is...
We have been very happy with Gwyn Reese at Annapolis Pediatrics. DD has severe reflux and other GI issues and Gwyn has been very supportive of trying non-traditional methods of trying to control her symptoms. She always calls back on the same day if you need to talk with her. She's very kind. One thing to know though is that she, along with the practice, is very pro-vax.
Your LO sounds a lot like my DD. She seemed fine at times and would be inconsolible at other times. I took her to the doctor, suspecting reflux and was told the same thing that you were told. She's gaining weight so she can't have reflux, so I waited and things got a lot worse. I changed doctors and she was finally diagnosed with reflux. Before we got to that point though, there was a lot of self doubt on my part. My mother's intuition told me something was wrong,...
Thanks for the recommendations!
Both DH and I have seen Dr. Hamburger and he is an excellent doctor. He's working with DH to try to get to the bottom of his ongoing sinus/allergy/snoring issues. He has offices in Laurel, Columbia and Glen Burnie. http://www.entaa.com/otolaryngologists.htm
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