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Thanks so much for your input! My persnickity insurance told me they won't cover CPMs when I called them, so the BC is likely not an option for me at all. And though we are pretty close to Acton, we are off the main roads so it takes at least 20-25 minutes to get to Rt 2, so I do think the BC would be a bit far. If this were my first or second kid I don't think I would be worried, but third is a stretch....   What were your impressions of the midwives at NW? (And which...
Thanks for your input! Which midwives are you with? Have you found them to be supportive of your choices, and do they include you as an active participant in your prenatal care? The Cambridge mw looked at me like I had two heads when I asked whether there was flexibility in prenatal testing and protocols. I definitely got the impression that you have to follow all of their rules.
I'm hoping someone here knows something I don't about birthing options in the Boston Metrowest area, because I'm at a loss.   We recently moved to Massachusetts, and just found out we are pg with our third child. DS was born with a CPM in a hospital - ok but not great experience - and DS2 was born at home with a CPM - amazing experience.   I would like nothing more than another homebirth, but this pregnancy was unexpected and I just don't see how we can afford...
I would love one of these! Dh says women love men who babywear. I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but he does seem to get on really well with the moms at the playground.
KC was my mw and I can't recommend her highly enough.
She was there last Tuesday, but she seemed very irked that the office staff overbooked that day.
Are you considering homebirth?
I just wash him with water. I don't even use soap on my own face - it just causes problems.
I think you should do it, too. We had a dog that we had to out down about a year ago. We tried so many things over the years, but we were just outing off what was right for everyone. It will be a year in a couple weeks, and I still miss him and sometimes I cry a little, but a painful as it is to say it, our lives are much less stressful. Your cat will be going to a loving home, which sounds like a wonderful solution.
My records from DS's birth are ridiculously inaccurate. It's nothing major like a vacuum or epidural, but all the little details were wrong. His weight, my GBS status (I was negative but records state unknown), gestation, etc. Even his sex was wrong in one place.
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