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Doc was pushing induction, so she's been on cervidil last night. now doc wants to break her water or give petocin. Which is best/least painful???
This might be posted somewhere else. I have NO clue where to look. Link me to a post if you know of one I am looking for non-candy, non-junk things that will just clutter up the house/end up in the trash for filling Easter eggs this year. Anyone have ideas?????
Isn't it true that kids who receive vaccinations are contagious with that disease for a certain period of time (24/48 hours??) Is that not true? Only true for certain vaccines?? Obviously, if you can back up your answers with resources, I would greatly appreciate it!!! I didn't know where else to look!...Google wasn't much help
Awesome advice! I am totally digging the tights idea. DH might not go for it, since I would be buying girl clothes for our DS, but it's not like anyone would notice unless they changed his diaper!! (it would just look like socks under his pants!!) My problem is him taking the socks off, not having them just fall off on their own (btdt, figured out which socks do and don't work for that!) I'm not a huge fan of putting shoes on my babes until they really, really need...
Does anyone have any tried and true methods for keeping a baby's socks on their feet???? My LO will NOT keep them on for anything. He sleeps in footy pajamas, but during the day, it's a constant on and off game.
Can anyone recommend a tree identification book AND I'm also looking for a bird identification book to use with my 4 year old. TIA!!
I don't remember the ages mine went through this, but it was definitely around your LO's age. Same thing...they used to just move around and root for me, but then all of a sudden it was like a "HEY!!!! Take care of me" cry took over I definitely think it's normal. Possibly a sign of gas, discomfort, but not necessarily so!
Quote: Originally Posted by NicaG I usually say, "what I'd like to hear is, may I have some milk please." Or sometimes, "could you think of a kinder way to say that?" I like that one..."Could you think of a kinder way to say that?" I'm generally not talking about when DS1 is bossy with ME...I can handle that one gently. I am just concerned that he will boss the GPs around while we're at their house, they'll let him, and he'll not learn that...
(Or any age, for that matter...haha) DS1 is officially entering the "bossy" stage! I feel like I can deal with it as far as our home life is concerned, but we are about to visit the grandparents. I know that he likes to get so buddy-buddy with one or both of them, and they (rightfully so, as they hardly ever see him) LOVE that. They just get into situations with him where he won't let them do anything other than play with them, and I'm worried that it's going to be...
I've totally had this argument with someone, and yes I think it is. A felt tip pen is one that has its own ink source, according to Wikipedia. (Yes, I googled it LOL)
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