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I'm needing some guidance and understanding as far as my thyroid and understanding what my lab results show, as well as a little bit of wisdom on what this whole thyroid antibody number means -- does any presence of antithyroid antibody mean that you have an autoimmune issue or is there an actual range to consider? Does this automatically lead me to Hashimoto's disease?   Okay -- so, last year I had some lab work done because I was feeling like something was off and...
Quote: Originally Posted by outlier Whatever happened to good old-fashioned squatting? I work outdoors and do this all the time. As long as you can back up to something like a tree or car tire and only pull your pants down to mid-thigh, the most anyone would see is the side silhouette of your rear. What is appealing to me about the idea of this is that it could potentially be used in urban areas where there may be bathrooms that are private,...
Has anyone seen this? http://www.go-girl.com/eshop/10Expan...ProductCode=01 Has anyone used it???? I will be spending considerable amounts of time overseas for the next few years (particularly in areas where it may be difficult to find clean bathrooms), and I'm wondering if this works... it seems like it could definitely be a life-saver... So, anyone????
Good news: the "bloated feeling" that I have had in my stomach for the last couple of months has gone away! After about two days without grains or refined sugars, it is gone! ..... and I have a roast in the crock pot right now that we'll eat for dinner when we get home from the gym yum!
just hopping in to join... I'm new to GF and still trying to figure everything out, but here I am.
oh, and my lab results arrived in the mail (I only had the other numbers because I got them over the phone) and it looks like my total cholesterol is actually only 180 -- that's not too bad, right? It looks like my biggest problem as far as the labs is that my triglycerides are way too high (and going super low-carb should help that) and my HDL being very low..... am I right in that?
okay, breakfast today was fried eggs and sausage with a cup of whole milk. Even after everything I've read and listened to, it just felt so wrong to eat that! Not like I didn't like it or that I felt in my gut that it was wrong.... just in my brain!
thank you so much for all of your responses! I had steak last night for dinner, and found that I didn't actually want anything else with it, so that jumped up my protein and fat for the day. I am trying to not have ANY grains right now, and I am cutting out refined sugar (but have been allowing small amounts of honey/ agave)... and it actually hasn't been that hard. My smoothie this morning had about half the fruit, just as much spinach, and a can of full-fat...
I should add that we drink organic non-fat milk, which I am learning is not the best... we drink raw whole milk when we can afford it, but at $14/gallon that doesn't happen that often!
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