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Hi, I will have a second grader in the fall (I can't believe my baby is going into 2nd grade!!!). What we used this year really worked for her, so we will continue using that.   Math - Math-U-See History-Sonlight Core 4 (actually I think it is now called "D") Spelling - Sequential Spelling Writing & Reading - Sonlight 3 Science - Apologia Handwriting - Italic German - reading various books   She has really enjoyed homeschooling, and it was a good fit:...
I am the main source of income in our family. I am fortunate that I can work from home (I am a translator) So in the morning, I homeschool the kids, and in the afternoon I work. I put in about 20 hours per week. I am fortunate though, because my husband is home full time and can take care of household things...
It looks something like D'Nealian to me. You can find free worksheet makers online.
We are on list one and sent out ours on Monday, so they should be arriving any time now!
Congratulations! I am sure you guys will do great! Enjoy your time together :)
We are using Sonlight 3 for history and reallly enjoying it. For the last week, my 10 DS has asked DH to read the Declaration of Independence to him at bedtime. When DH doesn't have time, DS reads it to himself! I just love watching them latch on to things!
I have an almost 7 year old daughter who LOVES to write. She has been begging me to find her a pen pal. She loves to read, fairies & unicorns, building with duplos, arts & crafts, ballet, playing violin - to name a few things. Anyone interested?
My 19 yo is in her second year at university. I made her a homeschool transcript using WORD. I used the grades she got from community college for those classes, and assigned her a grade for the materials she did at home. All of the schools she applied to wanted an actual transcript with a GPA. But no one had any trouble with my making the transcript myself. I just had to get it notarized before sending it in.
We are doing Sonlight 3 for a 1st and 4th grader. It takes us about 2.5 to 3.5 hours per day to get everything done, including all the reading out loud. I don't spend but maybe 1/2 hour per week on prep work. Sonlight is very flexible as to what you order. You can definitely order different math level than history or reading level. It's also pretty easy to skip a day and make it up later. You just may have a little more reading out loud to do...
Just wanted to let you guys know that I've been feeling alot better. While in the hospital, the psychiatrist there encouraged me to look into getting some support for PTSD, and it turns out my current therapist is trained to deal with that. So, while that scares me to no end, I think it may be a good option...
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