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Keens are what I buy for my boys. The second one even gets to wear hand me downs of Keens because they hold up so well. I've had good luck with Stride Rites too (not the crappy Stride Rites sold at Kohls, those fall apart BTDT). DS1 managed to destroy a pair of shoes every month before I found Keens. I love them!
My 5yo DS has had a fever for the last 5 days. He has complained of headache and neck pain, but no sore throat. The entire family has been sick with a pretty nasty cold for the last week or so. DS has been waking up with a low fever of right around 100 every morning. He lounges around on the couch for a while under blankets and says he is tired. He has been eating normally. We had a lot of family things to do over the holidays so I was giving him some ibuprofen each...
I just finished reading Father Mine and it took me right back into the world of Z and Bella. Hey, is anyone else also on Goodreads? I need some friends
I've been poked a couple times too.I don't know when or if I'll be uncomfortable. It will probably be more like when my boys decide they are uncomfortable that something will change.
I would love that and have no problem eating with my hands.
I can't think of anything recently. We're more street food kind of people so mine probably aren't going to make any foodie lists. We had an amazing doner while wandering around Baden-Baden on our first date w/o DS. A small little Indonesian place our first night in Hawaii. Flammkuchen at the Hopfenschlingel in Rastatt. We also had an amazing fish dinner somewhere overlooking the locks in the UP that we still talk about almost 10 years later. It's kind of...
I got the Nook Touch and I really like it. I wanted something simple that didn't require a wifi connection and was able to read most books. It's been very easy to put my own books as well as library books onto it.
We're out of the diapering and baby wearing stage. DH would definitely keep eating the way we do now, but he would be buying rather than making them at home. DH has told me many times that he would have a hard time dating or living with another woman if she didn't have the same crunchy values I have. If she didn't line dry, cook from scratch or garden he knows I would be disappointed in his choice.
My garden is finally taking off. Today's harvest was: zucchini cucumbers cabbage broccoli green beans I'm still waiting on the tomatoes. I noticed one or two are starting to turn orange so it won't be much longer. I'm up to 243 pounds of produce, that number will skyrocket when the tomatoes start.
Absolutely no artificial sweeteners is our rule. I consider artificial sweeteners to be poison and I would be furious if ANYONE gave it to my child. Everybody that knows me knows exactly how I feel about it and why. DH will still occasionally drink diet soda when out. He is an adult and can make that decision for himself. As long as he doesn't offer it to the children or bring it into the house, it's fine. I have severe migraines if I even take the tiniest sip or...
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