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How are your gardens handling this heat?
I wear mine inside out because the stem was poking me. Anyway, I pinch the base of the cup which causes it to fold a little and slowly pull at an angle. That way, one edge of the cup comes out first and it dumps into the toilet. Once I have it a little bit out and it's dumped, then I pinch it a bit harder and force it to fold in on itself a little more which makes it more comfortable to pull out.That makes it sound really complicated but it only takes about 2 seconds.
I can give you a couple. Actually, I'm pretty good on zucchini right now. All the ones that went to the market ended up selling and I'm taking another box in today. That leaves me with 5 giant ones and about 10 that are 4" or smaller.I'm definitely going to try out the zucchini chip recipe too.
I've been using my diva cup for about 6 months. I love it! It is a trial and error process until you figure out what works for you and it takes a couple of days. You also have to be very comfortable with your body. I decided to go with the diva cup because with an IUD I have an extremely heavy flow day. When I was looking for mine I discovered that the diva holds the most which sold me. If you shop around you can get one pretty cheap. I got mine on amazon for $20 or...
I have one of those as well and I love it!
I made some sweet zucchini relish with a few of them. I sent DH to work with about 50 pounds of them and he managed to give them all away. Another 50 pounds or so went to our local farm market store where they'll be donated to a womens shelter if they don't sell. The rest will be used by us. I also pulled the last 3 plants this morning so we'll have a couple week break from zucchini. My DH had a guy approach him at work and ask about tomatoes and cucumber. DH told...
I have 2 pulley lines that run from the deck to a post in the yard. My clothespins are in a bag I made. It's just an old T-shirt that I sewed shut at the bottom and arms that hangs on a wire hanger. I love the plastic clothespins. I really hate the old style peg looking clothespins. The normal wooden ones are fine. I leave my clothespins outside most of the time and the wood ones don't hold up well. The plastic ones are still great after 3 years. My best tip is to...
The only experience we had was quoting with them. We quoted with Morton, an Amish guy and a local contractor. Morton was thousands more and the Amish guy was several hundred more than the contractor. We did a very basic building with no electricity and it still has a dirt floor. Basically it's just a huge shed to store the tractor and Airstreams in. It sounds like you're looking for something a lot more complicated than the one we have.
I have no idea. I had to take a picture of it before I start shredding and hacking into them.
We went away for the weekend and came back to a garden that needed a lot of attention. I found 2 hornworms on my tomatoes this morning. A few of the tomato plants have baby tomatoes on them already and others aren't even flowering yet. I also harvested 110 pounds of zucchini today. That's more than I got all of last year! This was all from the volunteer plants that came up. I'll be pulling those out of the garden tomorrow because the ones I started from seed are...
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