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Thanks to everyone for your support and thoughts. I have appreciation for how fast and painless the experience was. I am still bleeding but all seems to be well, and i expect to bleed for at least a few more days based on what i've read. much love to all of you on your journeys. xoxoxo
This morning i miscarried. Well, not at home but at a condo- we're on vacation. It was very painless, have had some mild cramping since. I have some nettle, raspberry, oatstraw and one other her i've forgotten tea brewing. I have done some research and see that st john's wart will be good for clearing hormones. and Shepards purse in case of too much bleeding. if any of you have had miscarriages at home (no hospitals) then please share your experiences. thanks!
ALL OF YOU GUYS ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!   we've not taken any pix!!! i keep thinking of it when it's not good timing. i need to remember when i'm just getting out of the shower. 
another unschooling family here. my 9 yo has been unschooled since birth (i found out about it here on MDC!!) and we've never looked back. will be interesting to see how the next one is similar/different with interests and desires. :)
thanks mamas!!!  i have some of those items already in my house so i'll try them out.   last night i did not get out of my bed, even when i woke up having to pee. i may have woken up a few times, but not getting out of my bed kept me from being awake 2+more hours in the middle of the night. :D
anyone found anything herbal that is helping w/ sleep? :)
i got the sea bands yesterday and they seem to be helping. i also started having rice and avocado in the middle of the night w/ olive oil and salt mixed in, and immediately upon awakening. that seemed to help, although i'm going to try rolled up turkey w/ avocado in it tonight bc the olive oil left a bad taste in my mouth. lots of small meals through out the day seem to help too. lots of liquids, although that's often the last thing i want to do. but they make me feel...
Greetings! If i have all the facts and figures correct i'm due august 9th. :) this is my second pregnancy, and was VERY unexpected, as my oldest just turned 9.  Glad to have this group to check in with. :)
http://www.drnatura.com/paranil_jr.php I used this with Kathrynn and it seemed to help..... also their chewable probiotics. I hope you find some relief for her soon.... I am wondering if you have any coconut oil? i'd try that instead of the vasaline..... or maybe some calendula?
I would look for the worms, to verify. You should be able to find evidence if them if the are there. I say this bc my dd had a candida imbalance, but I thought it was pinworms at first.
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