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Isla Marie October 26th 8 lbs 20.5'
Saturday was a rather normal day… My brothers dad had been here visiting for a week and was leaving that day so we all went to breakfast. I came home and spent the day cleaning the house. Around 6pm I started having lots of braxton hicks that became painful. I decided to call my midwife and lay down. I had contractions until 7:30 and then they slowed down and I figured it wouldn't end up being that night. A little before 9pm I started having contractions again but this...
Title says it all... whos "overdue"? How ya feeling? Im one week over today and feel like labor is nowhere near.
Im staying semi active... I did crossfit until 34 weeks. This week Ive been rowing about 2,000 meters a day again or doing a couple hundred step ups and doing a few miles of walking a day. Im almost 40 weeks so Im not too worried about it. I figure if I go 2 weeks "overdue" and between the 6 weeks healing time thats 2 months no exercise and Ive done that before and got back into it pretty well. Im more concerned about after pregnancy activity then I am the rest of the...
Almost 39 weeks!
Heres my 38 week belly
Here is my 36+2 week belly
We mostly eat sweet potatoes but have white potatoes maybe 3 times a month.
I dice sweet potatoes into small cubes, toss them in coconut oil and a good taco seasoning (or homemade seasoning) and bake them until theyre crunchy. Everyone loves them!
Dont mind the bathing suit, or the stretch marks! But here is 35 weeks. Im so exhausted!
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