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I was wondering this too! Cynthia, you wrote that "we" drive an SUV. Does this mean that where you live has changed the laws regarding women driving? Congratulations!
This site tells you all you need to know about attachment therapy. http://childrenintherapy.org/   Especially useful is the comparative checklist of attachment therapy compared to conventional child psychology: http://childrenintherapy.org/essays/comparisons.html
  This is a really good idea. Your house is big, right? Maybe you have a parent or a sibling or cousin who would like to come for Christmas and beyond? A friend or co-worker in the process of moving? Anything to make your h start feeling outnumbered and uncomfortable as possible and make him want to GTFO. It would give you someone sane to talk to and would lighten the overall mood of the house.
What your husband is doing to you (contributing a grossly minimal amount of money to the household while not contributing the equivalent in work or childcare; spending on himself; threatening to take still more of your money; threatening to take the house) may also be considered financial abuse. I just did a google search for "financial abuse ontario" and found more than one social agency that considers this sort of exploitation to be part of the spectrum of domestic...
  Hi Monkeybum.  Yes I have been through that (still sharing space with a VERY hotheaded STBX). It was the worst period of my life, I'm not going to lie. But it was also the only way that the situation could change. In my case, I and my mother did try to "buy him out," ie. offer him money to leave. He took the money, spent it, and still didn't leave. It was about power, not money. Which I'm starting to suspect may be motivating your husband as well, or else he would not...
You say that your husband is motivated by money. What kind of deal do you think you could offer him to get him to agree to sell the house? Can your lawyer guide you to any mediation process that might help you and him come to a separation agreement? I know that you're in Canada (as am I) where the law does require living separately for a year before divorce can be filed. But I don't believe that you have to be a hostage like this forever! Your lawyer must have seen...
Are you going to take the homemaking course?  
In the Crib Bumpers thread, it was extremely obvious that the two posts being discussed were indeed spam. Both first-time posters, who jump into an emotional discussion to plug a specific product?? What else are they going to be?  How naive can you get?   In any case, subsequent posters in that thread have provided positive evidence via username that these two were indeed spammers.  When are their posts going to be removed and their accounts deleted?   
This thread is over 3 years old so the problem has likely been resolved in some way by now.  Also the OP is no longer involved with this child or the child's father, IIRC.   Hey new posters, welcome to MDC!  Feel free to start your own threads if you want to discuss a topic, rather than resurrecting old threads.   If you have found this site through a keyword search, take the time to check the dates of postings before you rely to them.   Thank you from a...
  You can try to delete your posts, but you can't delete people's memory of what they've read.  You have been quoted and discussed both here and possibly at other websites.   I am really worried about this little boy's well-being.  I am hoping and praying that he finds a stable and supportive place to live; whether that is with your husband and you, with other relatives, or in a loving foster home.
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