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We have the wool zippered bodysuit and it's the best clothing purchase I've ever made. They boys have worn the same suit three years in a row. They wear them under their snowsuits, camping cold nights and sometimes even right over their clothes before putting on their snow suit before going outside. I've accidently washed them and even dried them and nothing happened to them. Love them. We also have the hoodies and those are great too.
Play silks - buy from Dharma Trading Co. and dye them with Kool Aid. You can use them for capes, skirts, play scenes, playhouses, nature table... Endless possibilities. Get several sizes including the hankerchief size which is fun to tie on wrists or ankles for dress up or tie together in a long rope.
I would switch from peppermint to chamomile tea. Peppermint can be very energinizing.
You need the teachers manual. But not the tiles and magnets - you could easily make your own.
You can buy candle making supplies at Michaels or Hobby Lobby. They even sell beeswax. Or you can check around with local beekeepers and see if they sell beeswax blocks. For simple candle dipping with children, you can melt beeswax or parrafin in a pot of boiling water with a coffee can in it and dip the wicks to make tapers ( check out the book Earthways at the library).
Hi! I've been considering buying a Japanese futoN and tatami mats too! It's been hard for me to find much info on them but what I do read makes so much sense to me. They are firm, natural and convenient. The main concern I have is that I read that in Japan, people usually take them to a special cleaners to have them washed once a year. Not an option here- so I wonder if a mattress protector/cover would suffice? Where are you buying your from? My google searches alays...
1. A library card 2. A backyard 3. A dishwasher
Hmmmm... First - what did "churn" mean? Do have any desire to add elements of each of these words into your current routine or are you looking to create a new poem specifically for your our rhythms? I was thinking that for wash day, you could decide that is the day you choose to wash those special items like curtains, blankets, rugs. Iron day could be "Fluff" Day. What corner of the house needs prettied up? Did "churn" mean when they would make their butter?...
My boys are really into pretending to be in school. I play the school bus driver a d pick them up ( and then we chugga around the living room before dropping them off at the dining room). I have found though that when it comes to lessons I have to set parameters or I find myself getting cranky and annoyed. Btw- my boys are 7 and 5 and "school" lasts 30-45 minutes. Sometimes more if we have a special project.
We just finished our All-About-Spelling lesson. Ds (7) wrote phrases that I dictated to him, jumped up and down to distinguish the syllables (his favorite thing to do), spelled aloud to me, and wrote on the dry erase board additional phrases. We also often use the letter tiles for spelling when he is resistant to writing. It provides various options for the hard-to-keep focused 7 year old. I am really glad I found the program. Knowing the rules of spelling will go a...
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