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We love our Amana bottom freezer fridge.  The water dispenser is in the wall on the inside which is convenient b/c it doesn't take up much space. We really like the pull out freezer. It gives you complete access to what is lurking in the freezer.  I also really like the extra wide drawer at the bottom of the fridge.  We had one in our old house and when we moved we bought the same one.  Its a good value. Here is a link to Amana's website AFD2535DE.
If my clothes come out of the wash smelly after sitting in there too long, I either dry (on the line or in the dryer) and re-wash or add 1 cup of baking soda to the load and re-wash. 
Linda McHale has years and years of experience however, I have heard that she is doing fewer births this year.  Dina Auriccio is a CPM who has worked with Linda McHale and has a practice in central NJ and also in Ocean Grove I believe.  There are a few midwives in and around Philly if that is close enough to you.  Janet Capetta is a newly licensed CPM in south NJ.
Wish I had one.  I have used them when travelling and love that just showered feeling down there any time of the day.  Especially nice before and/or after doing the deed.
Its the Miele Inspira.  It has a basket that you need to clean every so often.  It is very adjustable.  We paid around $900 for it but I feel it was well worth it since we run it at least once every single day.
We have a Miele with the three racks.  The top rack is for silverware only.  You can load soooo much into this dishwasher.  We used to have a Kitchen Aid which I hated!  This one is relatively quiet, cleans well and fits a ton!
My kids love veggies most when they are just lightly steamed with butter and salt.  If I overcook the veggies they are not as popular.  Their favorite is steamed string bean topped with sliced mushrooms sauteed in butter.  They also like asparagus roasted with olive oil and garlic.  There are some veggies that they will not eat at all (spinach, peppers, peas) so they are not in our rotation.   I too struggle with mexican food side dishes - my first thought is corn, but...
We make "chop-chop" with leftover cabbage.  We usually have boiled potatoes along with the cabbage, so we chop it all up and fry it in bacon fat with some chopped onions.  It's better than the original boiled dinner in my opinion.
Sounds like she just wants a new crop of options.  Sort of like when kids get tired of the toys they're playing with, so you put them away in the closet and pull them out a few months later and they love them again.    Rethink breakfast and have leftovers and all sorts of "non" breakfast choices.  It's just another meal, there is no reason why you can't eat whatever you want.  Eggs are great but you are justified in limiting the bread if it's too expensive. ...
I know how easy it is to order takeout when you're hungry and don't know what to make for dinner.  The number one thing that helps me is to plan dinner for the week.  It takes all of 5 minutes to sit down and think about dinners that I already know how to make (so I don't have to deal with recipes).  I mix it up so that we don't have chicken 3 nights in a row, but otherwise I don't do a ton of nutritional planning.  In my head (or make a list if you need to) I have a...
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