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It's funny you should ask because I JUST did the exact thing this evening.  I had friended some PTA parents and classroom moms last year. We moved out of state. There were only two out of 12 of the parents that I really had much interaction with so I deleted the rest.  I doubt they even noticed.   I keep my FB friend list pretty lean. 
My DS really liked to do cutting projects. I found a book called "I can cut" or something like that that had a bunch of different pages/projects involving cutting at increasing levels of difficulty (straight, zig zag, spiral, cutting fringe, etc.)  He LOVED that.
DD is almost 3 and will ONLY go on an IKEA potty chair so I bring one along. It's usually in the car and if she has to go we have to go out to the car and she'll sit on her pot in the hatchback.  It also fits in a large diaperbag so I carry it that way if we are going somewhere that we can't access the car. I put it at the bottom of the bag and cover it with a spare pair of clothes and misc. stuff so I don't look like a total nutter walking around with a potty chair in my...
When people ask what I do I  tell them I stay home with my kids. Sometimes people will ask what I did before having kids and I don't mind telling them, but I don't ever feel like I have to justify my choices.   My kids are cool people, I wear yoga pants on most days, I don't have to deal with traffic, my husband is proud to provide for his family..... this is the most kick-ass gig I've ever had!
Mine haven't been acting strange but I'm nowhere near New England.    What's your weather forecast like? Is there a storm a'brewin?
We only have one car so we only need one set!     It would be nice to have a back-up set though, mostly because I really dislike having to remove the seats from my car (if we ride with grandma, friends, a rental, whatever).
  Shoot, mama. That's a lot for a heart to deal with at once. It sounds like you have a lot of love in your family (kitties, dogs, chickens, people). Breathe in all of that love an know that it stays with you no matter what happens or where you go.
We play musical beds in our house. Everyone is always cuddled up to someone, no big whoop. I am fine with it for however long it happens.   Growing up I always slept in bed with my mom when my Dad was out of town. I guess that's not the same as having a family-bed, but kind of.  Even now as an adult I'd be happy to snuggle up in bed with mom if an opportunity presented itself.
I think our culture is way too obsessed with hair. Let her try it. It's just hair.  Teach her that it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. If she likes a style that's easy to manage and doesn't get in her way then she should rock it.  If someone teases her tell that anyone who teases her about her hair must not be a very interesting person if they are so worried about what someone else's hair looks like.
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