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Thank you for your replies everyone. DH agrees that it is probably more an issue of her being overextended than it is of her taking personal issue with me. I have an appointment with her this afternoon (my reschedule from yesterday) so I might just talk to her about it today if there is time. I feel nervous about it so I'll have to think of the best way to approach it so I don't sound confrontational or whiney. I AM feeling needy though and asking for what I need rather...
My date of conception for DS was one week past what the wheel said. I argued and argued and finally they believed me (or pretended to). But then DS was born a week early, on the due date according to the wheel so of course everybody had to say "Looks like you were wrong about your dates!" So yes, this time I just told them my LMP was 14 days before my date of conception.
Yes! I had terrible food/smell aversions and morning sickness with both of my pregnancies and was very sensitive right from the get-go. I knew I was pregnant this time around because I took a swig of my morning coffee and it tasted terrible. One sip and I thought "oh man, I'm pregnant". I tested that day and it was very, very, very faint positive (DH didn't believe it) but then got a dark positive about four days later.
I'm 38w5d and have been feeling less movement the last few weeks. My MW said that as the baby shifts into optimal birthing position (head down, back out) a lot of kicks are directed inwards towards your organs so you will feel and see less kicks out of the belly. That along with less room, more coordinated movements, etc.
I could have written your post! I have been a basket case and totally consumed by pregnancy. Any little twinge or cramp I feel makes me think "this is it!" and then I spend the day obsessing and feeling bad when labor doesn't start. Plus I cry at the drop of a hat, even at the grocery store (ugh!) to you mama. We will have our babies soon enough and eventually we will turn normal again.
I know this sounds super whiney, but I really am starting to feel like my midwife does not like me. We are planning our second home birth. DS was born in a different state so I could not use the same midwife. When we met and interviewed the new midwife DH and I knew right away that she was the one we wanted to go with. She was very kind, competant, and qualified. For the first half of my pregnancy she was great. She went away for two months during the summer (we were...
Welcome to the world Baby Wynter!
UC? You are a rockstar! She is beautiful and I love the name! (I voted in your name poll over in the pregnancy forum )
Welcome Baby Olivia!
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