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Yippee! How exciting! Sending ELV's your way!
Oh man, hemorrhoids are the worst thing ever. I soak cotton balls in witch hazel and keep them in a baggie in the fridge. The cold witch hazel really feels nice, especially after you "go".
How exciting! Welcome little Naomi!
Welcome to the world, Phinley!
[QUOTE=etsdtm99;15878652]my placenta came out abotu 20 mins after birth - no contractions that i could feel, almost no bleeding, no pain.. it just kind of happened.. i think my midwife asked me about it and i just pushed a little and it came out.. QUOTE] This was my experience. I was nursing my baby and it just sort of came out. I remember looking down thinking "hunh, there's the placenta" and then going back to staring at my nursing newborn.
Quote: Originally Posted by corban's mum ive not done it before but maybe A is the best plan, bring home a present for her and make a big fuss of her, let her help bring the babies things in from the car, sort of make it a "wow ur a big sister how special are you" kinda event we've got some presents from the baby and a card for DS to say congratulations on becoming a big brother and we're letting him take a few days off school to hang out in bed with...
Welcome to the world baby Dylan! Congratulations mama!
How exciting! Keep us posted!
My mom told me it was okay to let my baby cry a little because that would teach him that he is okay without mama. ??? I asked her to explain the logic and she couldn't. A coworker told me the best way to get a good nap when DS was a newborn was to put him in a swing in another room and turn off the monitor.
Congratulations on your pregnancy! Have you spoken to any midwives in your area? Perhaps if you shared your situation and concerns they might be willing to work with you. Maybe they could offer a sliding scale fee, some type of work-exchange, or an alternative payment schedule that would be more managable for your budget. Or maybe even just some partial prenatal care where you would have fewer appointments and she would just attend the birth. UC might not be the best...
New Posts  All Forums: