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DH just told me that there is a Super Harvest Moon tonight, it only happens every 20 years or so. I wonder if it will bring out any of our October babies!
Thanks for the update! We will be thinking of her all day.
Go mama go! Looking forward to the announcement!
Yipee! Can't wait to hear the update? Oh... and what does ELV mean?
1st baby I went in at 10 weeks. This pregnancy I didn't see my midwife until I was 15 weeks.
Yes, I had that, too. Like others have said, it went away and kegels helped. I had some air noisily escape during a post-partum yoga class. How awful.
With DS I lost my plug right after I felt the first contraction. It was bloody.
Congratulations on your little one! We'll all be joining you in "Life with a Babe" soon.
Seriously, no big deal.
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