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I have recently read two great books by Gavin de Becker - Protecting the Gift and the Gift of Fear. Both are EXCELLENT resources when it comes to protecting your children and teaching them to protect themselves. One of the biggest points that I took from the books was that we so often bargain and make excuses for other people's behaviors that make us uncomfortable, which in turns forces us to ignore the nagging feeling we have inside that something isn't right.  We worry...
I don't know of any secular humanist books geared directly towards children but would love to hear what others might know of.   A parenting book that we've enjoyed is "Parenting Beyond Belief: On Raising Ethical, Caring Kids Without Religion"
Growing up we were taught to always stay in pairs or small groups.  We were given some age-appropriate freedoms but never did anything alone. We always had a friend along with us.  My perspective may change when my children get older but at this point I would feel nervous sending an 11 year old that far completely by herself.  Having a buddy means having an extra set of eyes and ears, someone who can get help if needed, someone to corroborate a story, etc.  
The aversion set in with DS at a little over 3 yrs, we weaned at 3.5. My DD is nearing 3 and I'm feeling very strongly about weaning her in the next few months. My body is tired and I'm ready to be past the nursing stage.  I've loved nursing for the past 6 + years and wouldn't have done anything differently, though.
I didn't with either of mine. Mostly because I'm lazy and it felt like one more thing to do.
  Me too. 
A good friend of mine went through an unexpected divorce a few years ago. I found the best thing was to just be there. I would go to her house and just sit with her. I'd bring her a coffee or a smoothie and she'd drink it or not. I'd take her dogs for a walk and ask her to come, sometimes she'd come, sometimes not. She was a zombie for many weeks but I never pushed her to do or say anything. I was just THERE. Sometimes she would cry, sometimes she would rage, sometimes...
  Get her a package of  comfy black cotton underwear.   Because seriously, who wouldn't love a few extra pair of giant black cotton underwear those first few postpartum days (weeks)? 
I haven't read any studies regarding this issue but it sounds pretty ridiculous to me.  I can see where extended pacifier use might impact the development of the mouth and cause a speech issue but not extended nursing (aka - regular nursing). 80% of older kids with speech issues had extended breastfeeding?  I would ask her to show you some specific data and research for a number like that. What's her definition of "extended"?  The different cultures having different...
Is it the same friend that comes along every time?  If it is, maybe there is more to it than she's just bring a friend to keep her company. For example, maybe the friend doesn't have the greatest home life or doesn't get the chance to go anywhere.   Growing up I had a friend who had rocky home life (dad in jail, mom battling some "issues"). My family was always together going on outings, to museums, the lake, concerts, etc. We always brought her along because she...
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