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My DS was tested  at age 5, during his second semester in Kindergarten for the talented and gifted program at his school/district.
Gosh mama, that sounds rough.    Are you feeling better now? Were you able to get some help?    Sorry that I don't have any advice, just sending hugs and hope you are finding time to rest.
I had thrush with my DS and it was the worst pain ever. It felt like DS had broken glass in his mouth when he would nurse. I kept a pillow nearby to punch when he first latched on because it hurt so bad.  Even after neither of us had any visible symptoms of thrush (no diaper rash, white tongue, firey red nipples) I still had pain. The only thing that made it go away was to go on a strict sugar-free thrush diet.  It was hard to do but it cleared up whatever thrush bugs...
High-five for tandem nursing for so long. You're a rock star!   And yeah, they tend to get picky about the nip when they get older, don't they?   Do you dry it off or tell them to make do?
  I can understand that concern, but wouldn't that same apply to anyone's profession?  I suppose working in certain industries would put someone in contact with unsavory individuals, but I don't know many jobs that are totally free of crazy-people. I don't know if OP's friend is more likely to have someone come after her than say, oh, a cop, or a counselor, or a teacher.     Please don't think I'm arguing who anyone should and shouldn't feel comfortable being around your...
  I don't think the school should  have to be taking care of these issues. It SHOULD be the responsibility of the parents. Too many parents see the school as the stand-in to teach their kids proper behavior. Nope, sorry, that's the responsibility of the parents.  We have an academic crisis in our schools and a big reason is that teachers are tasked with raising children and managing behavior issues that parents aren't handling themselves.   There is a six year old in our...
  Wait...I'm kind of confused.    Are you asking who should sit in the front based on size or which type of seat should go in front ?
Like most of the previous posters, I'd be more concerned about violence, drugs, and the possibility of physical injury.   Judging a mother based on her behind-locked-doors sexual activities (including money-making endeavors) is really lame. How in the world does that affect her way to care for her children? Were all children in the OP's neighborhood conceived via missionary position through a hole in the sheet?
I had both babies at home and the most frequent response I received was "OMG, are you crazy?"  to which I replied "Nope. Not crazy."  Most people asked a lot of questions and seemed genuinely interested, which I took as a good opportunity to educate without being crazy about it.  There were a few people who started rattling off their disapproval and I would just smile and blink at them.  
Are you still doing readings? If yes, I would like one, pretty please.
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