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Welcome to the world little Osric!
Ellen Kinsey, born at home, 10/6/10, (1 day early!), 11:15 am 9 lb, 10 oz, 19.75 inches. She's a sweet little butterball. My contractions started at 5:38am, my water broke during an intense contraction at 11:00am, and baby Ellen was born at 11:15. I will update soon with a birth story and pictures.
What a gorgeous name! Welcome to the world little Ingrid!
I woke up this morning to a pretty intense contraction. I have been having them for about an hour an half now. They haven't developed much of a pattern but they are intense. My water is still intact and I have not had any bloody show. This feels the same as the start of DS's labor. I had sporatic, intense contractions, by the time the developed enough of a pattern to call the midwife I was already at 10cm and ready to push. The only difference is these ctx are across my...
Good luck! I hope the S&S does the trick. There is a New Moon on Thursday, maybe that will help too. Oh, and I totally understand about the dog bit.
Welcome to the world little Benjamin!
Welcome to the world baby Arlo!
What a great story. Thank you for sharing! Welcome to the world little Eleanore!
Yipee! Looking forward to your update!
How exciting! Keep us posted!
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