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Yesterday we had some friends over for a playdate. My friend was upstairs nursing her baby while the 4 older children came down to our living room area. My friend's DS was jumping on our couch, climbed over the back and fell face down on the tile, smacking his face pretty hard. He cried pretty hard for awhile but calmed down with some nursing and some ice. I didn't see the incident (I was on the other side of the room) but another mom friend was standing right there so...
Welcome to the world baby Mateo!
Congrats on baby Maggie! There are a lot of 1's and 0's in that birthday! I hope you get to bond with her soon. I am so sorry they are treating you so awfully at the hospital. I hope you get lots of snuggly loving time soon. x 100
Congrats! Welcome to the world baby Anders!
Babies babies everywhere! Welcome to the world Ean!
5-10 mins of pushing? Wow! Congratulations on your new little one! Welcome to the world Scotland!
I am also having terrible menstrual-like cramps. It makes me so irritable. I am 39 weeks so I am wishing these cramps would turn into contractions! I started having the cramping and a LOT of BH around 35 weeks. My MW suggested I take cramp bark tincture to help relax my uterus. It really helped. I stopped taking it once I hit 37 weeks and was in the clear for my homebirth. You should check with your midwife to see if she thinks cramp bark would be okay for you. It...
Amazing! Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures!
Hang in there mama. It won't be long now.
I agree with Naomismom that a lot can happen in 5 days. Just try to keep thinking good birth thoughts, talk to your baby about it being time to come out. Things will work out well either way.
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