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I've always read my own results. A friend asked me to read hers for her once. It was negative.
Ew. That's kind of like the equivalent of an adult going the bathroom and not flushing. Gross. If she comes over again and they use the potty, just say "Here are the bleach wipes so you can clean the potty after you dump it out" or something like that.
The past few weeks DS (20 mo) has started sleeping through the night. This change came on its own, we didn't actively night wean him or anything. Up until recently he would wake to nurse twice at night, usually two hours after he fell asleep and then an hour or two before we officially woke up for the day.
DS is 20 months and still nursing like a champ. My original goal was 2 years but now that we're getting close to that mark it looks like 3 years will be the new goal.
That stinks. I'm pretty big on thank-yous and I think it is pretty lame for a gift to go unacknowledged. Especiall something handmade. I read somewhere that you should only give handmade gifts to people who make handmade gifts themselves because they are the only ones who will appreciate the time, effort, and love that goes into making something so special.
Way to go Mama! :
I bought an ergo and received a Maya Wrap as a gift. I love looking at other carriers but these two options worked well for us so there was no need to buy more.
Ugh - what an uncomfortable spot for you to be in! As far as using the garage though, you pay for the space and should absolutely use it any time you want to. It is very kind of you to be considerate not to use it late at night, but this guy decided to live above a garage and has no right to be angry when someone is using it.
Once or twice a year. And usually because the power goes out! HODY wash your baseboards?
Oh my goodness, NO! TPBM swallows gum.
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