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I vacuum each room once a week or as needed. But it seems like I rarely do each room on the same day so it feel like I'm vacuuming everyday.
I had a tough time taking the leap, too. I was kind of holding my breath the whole time I was on maternity leave - I knew there was no way I could leave DS and go back to work, but it was tough for me to walk away from a career that I had worked hard to acheive, good coworkers, a nice salary, etc. However, the day I gave my notice and went into the office to get my stuff was one of the most freeing days of my life. When I was driving hom from the office I kept sighing...
I've never done it, but know that I know it is possible I might try! It seems mighty efficient.
We hope to transfer DS to his own bed eventually. I'm guessing he'll probably be ready around 3ish, but I really have no way of knowing how he'll feel about it. So I guess it really just depends on when he is ready and what our family looks like at the time. Right now we're all happy as clams with our family bed.
I put "depends on the issue". I was trying to think of an issue of when DH is the softie, and well, I can't think of one! So I guess I should have to admit that I really am the softie! Ha ha!
It looks like Epiphany and I were having the same thought at the exact same moment!
How many more children will I have?
DH usually takes DS as soon as he comes in the door. He commutes by bike so I think his ride home (about 30-45 mins) gives him a good break from work, he gets fresh air, some exercise, and comes home feeling pretty good (most of the time, anyway). When he gets home I usually take my "coffee break" and go into the guest bedroom, close the door and read a magazine article or do a little knitting. Sometimes I'll just close my eyes for 15 minutes. It works out...
I think they can be difficult in different ways. But it is much harder to get anything done with a toddler around, so I voted toddler.
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