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Lately, whenever DS is done with a side he'll cover it up and say "Bye Nipple". Then he'll lift up my shirt on the other side and say "Hi Other Side!"
I'm usually shy about calling to set up dates. But one thing that works for me is to call when I'm already going somewhere. I'll call a new mama friend and say "We are going to be at the park around 11, if you aren't busy you should meet us, we'd love to see you" That way if they show up, cool! If not, oh well, we were already planning on going anyway. I think it helps take some pressure off the other mama because if something happens and they can't make it, she doesn't...
We always do stickers and coins.
We are taking the child-led approach to night weaning. DS is now 20 months and usually only wakes once at night to nurse, some night not at all.
That's awesome! I can understand that you feel proud of him. It is great that he is learning how to communicate his feelings at such a young age. Way to go, Mama and Little One!
I have one child. I flip flop back and forth trying to decide if I want another one. I think I do, but I'm not quite ready yet. I am really enjoying the time I have with DS right now.
I voted other. I think it is okay to dress a child however you want provided the clothing is weather appropriate and clean. Would I ever put my son in girl clothing? No, but only because it's not our style. I don't wear skirts or dresses myself.
Quote: Originally Posted by MamaMonica What can I stuff mushrooms with? toddler hair
Water and a brush works for us, but DS is still pretty much bald, save for a little bit of fuzz all around. But even that little bit of fuzz gets all bed-heady!
Love it. We have one at our house, one at Grandma's house, and one at Great-Grandma's house. DH bought long wooden dowels the same diameter as the original legs, only several inches longer. He takes DS out to the workshop to do "projects" and switches out the legs so the highchair is the same height as their workbench. It's the cutest thing ever. And it is super easy to clean.
New Posts  All Forums: