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DS loves being outside. We are fortunate to live in an area that has pretty decent weather year round so we get out a lot. I am glad he loves to spend time outdoors because he has so much energy it makes me batty to stay inside. It's so cute...usually in the morning after breakfast he'll bring me his shoes and say "Out please?"
: This is such a sweet thread. I'm really enjoying hearing about all the cute little nursing antics. When I hear about people weaning early, I think about all of these sweet little moments and think "Man, you're missing out!"
I really like the name Asher. I went to school with a boy whose name was Asher but he went by Ash. He was a cutie!
Nope! TPBM can name all fifty state in alphabetical order without looking
Wow, that's kind of strange. Have you asked them why they are saying these things? (sorry, no psychic help to offer)
It stinks to hear those kind of comments and to have to feel like you need to justify, or second-guess, or whatever. I'm forever hearing "maybe it is time to wean" any time I mention that we had any kind of challenge during the day. DS didn't sleep well last night, "maybe it's time to wean". DS was shy at the park, "maybe it is time to wean". DS bumped his head on the table, "maybe it is time to wean". (???) The only opinion to worry about is that of your LO, and...
I agree with PP to be careful with whole milk. Are you looking for a milk-substitute for nutrition or so that he can have something to drink before his nap?
My DS is almost 20 mos. He still nurses at least twice at night (sometimes more) and his daytime nursing can vary from 5 times a day, to what feels like every fifteen minutes! I say just follow your LO's lead. She will let you know what she needs. I'd be more interesting in hearing about the psychological harm and impact in babies who aren't nursed or who are weaned early. I believe nursing is a normal part of development and taking it away early is bound to have more...
My relationship with DH is very different from J&K in many, many ways. And even though I recognize that we see things differently, I cannot understand being completely happy doing something that I know makes my partner miserable.
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