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Quote: Originally Posted by because why not? My kid was cultured last month. She had strep.
Quote: Originally Posted by because why not? Kate thinks they should do a show about how her "fashion has changed".: Seriously? Did she say that?
Yes, I do find that I snack a lot more when I stay at home. Now that DS is older and more active it isn't as big of a problem but I still snack more than I should. For me the best way to avoid eating to much junk is to not have it in the house at all. I just don't buy it. So if I feel like snacking I'm forced to snack on healthy stuff.
what are you making for easter? 3 children in backseat
Secret to yummy broth? a two year old and a newborn
Quote: Originally Posted by hanno It would bother me that he didn't at least put a towel around his waist to do dishes. YUCK. Same for cooking or eating. :
What do you consider to be a good price for… Perineal numbness
We just say nurse. DS recently learned the word nipple so when he is finished nursing he will cover me up and say "Bye-bye nipple".
I like Lilah Jennifer the best because I think it flows the nicest.
Congrats Mama! I know what you mean about the "stay-at-home" part. We rarely stay at home! When people ask me what my occupation is I usually say "I'm a Mom".
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