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My Mom was a SAHM my whole life. She was always there when we got home from school, she always got to volunteer to be a chaperone on our class field trips, if we got sick she'd be at school to pick us up in 5 minutes flat, our house was organized, and our food was healthy and freshly prepared. She was relaxed, she was ready to play, she never seemed frazzled (okay, sometimes frazzled, but probably not as much if she had to rush to and from work all of the time). Sure...
We have pillows and a blanket, but nothing bulky. When DS was tiny I had him in an arms reach cosleeper because I was a little timid. It didn't take long for him to move into my arm crook. Now I don't worry because it could be snowing inside of our house and he could be naked and he would still kick off all of the covers. The kid is a human furnace.
That it feels good to sleep. Even people who stay up for days on purpose HAVE to agree that it feels good to finally go to sleep. Right?
We have a small indoor tent we put up and play "camping". We play all the regular games and stuff in the tent. It's fun because it's different AND the smaller space makes it easier to sit still and take it easy without having to feel like we're "forced" to lay around and get better.
Quote: Originally Posted by Spirit Dancer Well if it the sucking part he most cares about and not the content, why not let him continue to have a bottle with just water? The only reason I know of to wean a 1 yr old from a bottle is because of potential teeth rot. Water will not do this. Personally if my 1 yr old had a bottle I would not wean them from it till they were 2 ish. Most 1 yr olds still have a natural desire to suck. My 16 mo old nurses a lot...
As far as the "it's all been leading up to this" final episode... I bet they'll say that there has been tension in their marriage because raising two sets of multiples is so stressful, and with their fame and whatnot the two of them just haven't had time to connect and that's why they squabble all the time. SO to make things better they are going to go on a second Honeymoon someplace fabulous without the kids so they can work on their marriage. And they're taking us,...
I am glad you are okay! Yikes! I electrocuted myself when I was a kid. One year I was running in the sprinklers and decided to plug in our outdoor Christmas lights (we lived in Arizona). I flew backwards into the yard and remember my teeth hurting really bad. My mom tried to put me in the bathtub later that night to help relax my muscles but I was afraid there was still electricity in my body and getting in the tub was going to make me die. So yeah, being...
Yes! And it feels like a cruel little joke because my nipples get extra sore and I get totally irritable, and DS nursing non-stop makes me feel like I'm going to lose my mind! But then, just like that, we're back to normal.
I have been wearing DS in an Ergo on the front since he was about 5 mo. He's almost 20 months now. I don't like having him on the back because I don't like not being able to see him, but I'm wondering if wearing him on the front now that he is bigger is a bad idea (ergonomically speaking). He weighs about 26 lbs. We he and I be more comfortable with him on the back? Do any of you wear your toddlers in an ergo on the front?
A friend and I were talking about this earlier. I grew up with two sets of grandparents and was very close with all four. My one remaining grandmother is my very best friend. I'm just curious how many living grandparents your children have. My DS has one Grandma, one Grandpa, and two Great-Grandmas.
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