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Where do I go to get evaluated? The Dr.s office? Early Head Start?
Great, thanks Mammas!
My twins are 18 months old. DD talks a LOT and has a really big vocabulary and is ver verbal for her age. DS does not speak at all. He has a few words he tries out like "hi" and... thats about it. He does communicate through some signs and gesturing and grunting. He makes a lot of sound effects and will make the dominant consanant sound of a word. Like he'll make a "tss" hissing sound to say sister. If you ask him a question he will sometimes respond appropriateky,...
My twins are the same age as yours, and are the same way. I'm fighting the same battle every day and I really dont know if I have much advice. Just (((HUGS))) This is by far my LEAST favorite age develepmentally. My son is bigger than my dd, so he can swing her around, but she is definately the more dominant twin because she has a secret weapon- her teeth. : She will get on a biting streak where I have to try and intercept. The peoblem I have is that when they start...
Then there was of course the ER twin birth freak show. But that show is always high drama. Nobody could ever have a nice easy birth on that show.
Quote: Originally Posted by Leta I'm starting to feel like I am the most tactful person on Earth, reading this thread. I love twins, there are several sets in my extended family and I am just drawn to them. Rather than just standing there and staring, I usually try to say something. Most recently, I saw a mama with year old twin boys at the PO. I said, "My, they are very cute. Are they identical?" And she said that she thought so, but they were...
I can see missing one if there were 6 in there, but its kinda hard to miss a twin, IME. Maybe the second one was tucked waaaaay in the back???
Quote: Originally Posted by 2+twins Oh, I got this comment yesterday which reminded me that I had heard it once before: "They look like they could be twins!" What did you THINK they were? People are strange. I got this one once- Them: "How old are the babies?" Me: "X months old" Them- "Both of them??"
When I was pg with the twins, I would get a LOT of vasectomy comments/questions. Everyone seemed to think it was their buisness. I had one person actually tell me that my dh and I needed to "get another hobby" and one of my dh's co-workers told him we needed to get a bigger TV in our bedroom. One time I was walking with my dd #2 and the twins down a walking trail by our house. There was these two creepy guys just sitting there on the ground. I planned to just walk right...
I thought this thread needed a bump and I wanted to do a quick update- I think that by venting out a lot of that stress and recieving so much support that I feel much better and I'm back on board for letting them self-wean. I've set limits for myself and communicating to them more, and I think its helping. Thanks Mammas!!
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