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Thanks for the help and encouragement!    We've been looking into international adoption.  (Sorry I forgot to mention it.)    Does it happen that you know of an agency name though?  
DH and I have always wanted to adopt, though we'd intended to experience birth first.  After trying for 5 years, we've decided to continue TTC, but also go ahead and start the adoption process.  I want to choose an agency wisely, so I'd love to gather as many agencies as possible to compare.  If you know of any such agencies, please let me know, and I'll look into them.  Thank you!
I've been reading through the forum for a while and can't figure out what "FAM" and "TCOYF" stand for. Could someone let me know? Any other abbreviations I need to know? And I take it this has much more involved than temping? (I'm new here but need to learn fast. I just miscarried for the 3rd time and am therefore NOT wanting to conceive again.) Thanks.
Thanks Girls. Dh's getting the thermometer out of the closet. Ya know, I kinda hope I do ovulate soon (and can see it). I want to feel like my body's doing something right.
Does anyone know when the earliest is you might ovulate after being pregnant? Do you know if temping would work while there's post-pregnancy hormones still in your body? I miscarried (D&C) 5 weeks ago, and am trying to avoid conceiving again. I'm wondering if I should go ahead and start temping. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by christianmomof3 I know now that the hypocracy that I saw was in the people, not the religion. So, my understanding of God is probably different from most Christians because I have a different background, but I am not sure that it is any more powerful of an understanding of the Lord than anyone else has. I prefer to enjoy the Lord now. I know about now and I am sure that now exists and a future afterlife is just too...
Quote: Originally Posted by christianmomof3 I was raised in Judaism ... God drew me to Himself in love and I am now a born again Christian. I am intrigued! I've always thought this would be an awesome scenario. Being a Christian, I know the value of the history, Law, people of Israel. Not that it'd be fun to wait so long to know Jesus, but there's a lot of power in the understanding you must have.
I totally started following out of fear. I was 12 and had the "follow or burn" option placed before me. BUT... 14 years later, I stay because he's had time to teach me that the humans taught me wrong. I stay because of a loving relationship with Him. (And when I'm not feelin' it, the "You're bigger than me" detail keeps me hangin' on. )
In a helter-skelter fashion... I throw in about 2 big white potatoes, 2 sweet potatoes, 1/2 c of white onion and shallots too, 1 lb of stew meat, and put a sliced lemon over the top. Add a cup of water, a couple bay leaves and pepper. Add salt after it cooks. Uber healthy. And if you buy pre-cut sweet taters like I do, redonkulous easy. Hope you find some do-agains, Monique!
You did eeeet! Hey, tell Mr. Man all your girlfriends said "congratulations" to him too!
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